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SAIT Welcomes Ryan Ferguson

Student Affairs Information Technology would like to welcome Ryan Ferguson to the team. Ryan joined the SAIT staff on February 3, 2017. He will be providing systems administration support on the Systems Operations Team, reporting to Padma Srimatkandada. Please join us in welcoming Ryan to the Division of Student Affairs.

Important Change to Mass Email Service


The University provides a Mass Email Service allowing users to send a large number of emails while avoiding being blocked by spam filters. On Wednesday, January, 25th, the University implemented a change to the Mass Email service configuration. For security purposes, NetIDs will no longer be used as the access credential for the Mass Email Service. If you or your department needs to use email to communicate to large distributions, please contact SAIT so that we can provide you with the appropriate new credentials required to use the Mass Email Service.


Contact SAIT Support if you have any questions or concerns.

Adaxes New Feature – Disable Accounts


SAIT has added another feature to Adaxes, our Account Management System: Disable Accounts

Account authorizers may now disable student and staff accounts at any time. This will allow for better response time when users are no longer employed at the University. You may access the new feature by going to and selecting your department.

Under Account Management there will be two sections, Disable Staff and Disable Student. You may sort and select multiple users.


Users will be marked with the adaxes-disabledsymbol indicating they are disabled.

Users marked with the adaxes-expired symbol are expired accounts. If the user no longer works for the department you may disable them as well.


If there are any questions please contact SAIT.

Best Wishes for Marc Jones, SAIT Systems Architect

It is with mixed emotions that we say farewell to Marc Jones, SAIT Systems Architect. After 17 years at the University, Marc will be leaving to pursue a new job opportunity with Civic Actions – a nonprofit dedicated to digital government services.

Did you know Marc’s first job at UConn was as a student worker with the Biology department in 1999? He assisted with their information technology needs, while some other duties included photographing and writing scientific descriptions of moths. During his time with Biology he participated in a field trip to Costa Rica as part of a film crew to capture images of a species of army ants using newly introduced digital camera technology. Many of us in Student Affairs first met him when he joined the Career Services department as a technician. A position which he was originally denied, but eventually got a call back when the first candidate decided to leave after one month!

Marc was one of the original contributors in building the infrastructure that supports technology for the Division of Student Affairs in the mid-2000s. Marc has always placed a priority around staying ahead of security practices and risk mitigation. In Marc’s time with SAIT, our servers have not been impacted by a virus or had any serious security issues, resulting in consistent data retention. He is also proud of the work our team has done to create secure automation of data feeds between major University systems.

Marc will be missed, but we have no doubt his future will be filled with prosperity, success and hopefully more field trips to remote locations to try out newfangled technologies. Marc and his siblings have a dream of visiting every US National Park. So far, they are half way to their goal.

Please join us in wishing Marc well!

– From all of us at Student Affairs Information Technology

Join Us

Off-Campus Happy Hour
Happy hour at the Bidwell Tavern on Friday, October 28th starting at 4:00pm

On-Campus Reception
Cake and refreshments will be served on Marc’s last day in the office, please stop by!

Location: SAIT office in Rome Commons on the ground floor
Time: Monday, October 31st, 2:00pm – 4:00pm


Contact: Padma Srimatkandada –

Welcome to SAIT Aya Saleh!

SAIT extends a warm welcome the newest member of the staff, Aya Saleh. Aya joins our Software Development team alongside Tom Wood, Mike Keating, Michael Roberson and Manager, Valerie Puffet-Michel. Aya will provide support for custom application development for the Division of Student Affairs. Please join SAIT in welcoming Aya to the team!

Tip of the Week – Contacting SAIT Support

Happy Friday!

Our tip this week is a reminder that our help desk phone number (aka “SAIT Support”) is 486-8992. When you need help with technical issues, this is the number to call. Our call routing system will allow you to speak to a technician during the hours of 8am-4pm, Monday through Friday.  We are here to help!

SAIT Support

Tip of the Week – Check Your Junk Email Folder

Due to a recent update from Microsoft, Outlook 2016 may be filtering more emails into the Junk Email folder than it has in the past. Our tip this week is to check your Junk Email folder on a regular basis. If you find an important message in the Junk Email folder, right click on the message and select “Junk > Not Junk” to send it back to the Inbox. This will teach Outlook not to file messages from that sender to the Junk Email folder again.


Tip of the Week – Real-Time Collaboration in Word

Did you know that when documents are saved to Microsoft OneDrive, you can collaborate on those documents with colleagues in real-time? All you have to do is share the document with them and they can join you in editing the same document. You can even watch the changes being made in real time. No more passing documents back and forth over email – this is a great time saver!


Check out this article from Office Support to learn how it works with Word:

Collaborate on Word Documents With Real-Time Co-Authoring


Aurora System Maintenance July 30, 31

Aurora websites will be read-only on the weekend of July 30th & 31st for an infrastructure upgrade. Websites will be viewable in production, but Admins will not be able to log in until the upgrade is complete. This upgrade will increase Aurora’s system capacity and performance. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Evelyn Lang in SAIT.

Tip of the Week – View Outlook Calendars Side-by-Side or Overlaid

In Microsoft Outlook, you can view multiple calendars at the same time, either side-by-side or overlaid into one merged calendar. This can include your calendars, shared calendars from other people and SharePoint calendars.

Open Calendars in Side-by-Side View

  1. In Calendar, in the Navigation Pane, select the check box of another calendar that you want to view.
  2. The calendar that you selected opens next to the calendar that already appears.
Select multiple calendars to view them side-by-side

Open Calendars in Overlay View

  1. Once you have multiple calendars displayed side-by-side, you can overlay them to view appointments together.
  2. Click the small arrow in the Calendar title tab to overlay that calendar with the one to its left.
  3. Repeat step 2 to view as many calendars that you wish to overlay.
  4. To go back to side-by-side view, click the arrow again and the overlay is removed.
  5. To remove calendars from this view, click the X in the Calendar tab.

Click the arrow to overlay the calendars
Click the arrow to overlay the calendars

Two Calendars Overlaid
Two Calendars Overlaid