Account Renewals

Account Renewal Process

Department authorizers will receive an email from SAIT’s ticket system with a spreadsheet attached.  This will include all user accounts that will be expiring. Again if a user is not on this list then their account is not expiring and will continue to be useable. It means instead that they have a different expiration date based on their hiring date and will show up on a different renewal notification later.

After receiving the email and spreadsheet the department authorizer has two options:

  1. Renew the Account themselves online at:
    2. If a renewal fails because the person works in more than 1 department please call SAIT
  2. Return the Spreadsheet to have SAIT staff renew the account
    1. Should mark an “X” in the column called “Keep” for each user account that should be kept
    2. Reply to the email with this updated spreadsheet


Account Deletions

Accounts that are not extended will expire on the below dates. Any accounts expired or disabled will be deleted after 6 months.  All data associated to the person will also be deleted at this time. Please confirm that the person doesn’t have any data located in their public folder located at R:\Staff\<NetID> or R:\Student\<NetID>. Even though accounts are expired or disabled these files will be accessible until SAIT deletes the account.

Account Expiration Dates

Dates were picked to coincide with the university calendar of spring, fall and summer. The university policy for expiring email access is 30 days after a person leaves the university so SAIT has chosen 30 days after the end of each term as the expiration date for accounts.

  • Student accounts are set to automatically expire at the end of the current account period (May 31, September 30, December 31) based on when the account was created.
    • Note: If the account is created within four weeks of the expiration date the expiration date will be set for the end of the next period instead.
    • For example if an account is created on May 15th the expiration date will not be set to May 31 but to September 30 instead.
  • GA accounts are set to expire on the May 31 closest to two years after the account creation date.
    • For example, an account that is created on July 10th, 2016 will expire on May 31st, 2018.

Notifications Are Sent to Department Authorizers:

  • For Student Workers that expire on:
    • September 30th the second week in September
    • December 31st the week of Fall final exams
    • May 31st the week of Spring final exams
  • For Staff, GA’s and Affiliates
    • second week in March
    • second week in October