Configuring Email Accounts And Mailboxes

For Staff Accounts

  1. Double click Outlook icon to begin configuration
  2. Click Next> at welcome screen
  3. At email account dialogue, click yes, then Next>
  4. Name profile (can be anything as long as other profiles don’t have same name)
  5. At Auto Account Setup, verify the user’s email is correct and click “Next”
  6. Outlook will look up the email account and then prompt for credentials
  7. Credentials should be (or whatever the published email address is for that user)
  8. Password in the user’s email password, click “Next”
  9. After successful verification, click “Finish

For studentxxxx accounts

  1. Log into using STUDENTXXXX as the user name. If you can get to the password reset screen without having to log in then first LOGOUT of and re-log in using STUDENTXXXX.
  2. Double click Outlook icon to begin configuration
  3. Click Next> at welcome screen
  4. At email account dialogue, click yes, then Next>
  5. Name profile “Outlook”
  6. At Auto Account Setup, change the email address to be the
  7. Outlook will prompt for credentials, verify email and have the user enter their password for that account
  8. Click Finish.

Shared Mailbox as a separate profile (previously NetID authentication into shared mailbox)

  1. Go to Start menu, then to control panel, then mail
  2. Click “Show Profiles…”, then “Add”. Give the profile a unique name (not used before)
  3. Click on “E-mail Account” to un-grey options.
  4. Enter the email address of the shared mailbox in BOTH “Your Name” and “E-Mail Address” fields
    1. ex. or
  5. Enter password for university NetID account
  6. ReEnter password for university NetID account
  7. Click “Next”– This step may take a while before the credentials prompt appears…
  8. Have the user enter their email address ( and their University NetID password
  9. Click Next, there should be three green checks for authentication, Click “Finish”, then “OK”
  10. Open Outlook to verify connection to the mailbox

To add additional shared mailboxes to the current profile

  1. Within Outlook, click on the “File” tab
  2. Click on “Account Settings”, then “Account Settings again
  3. Click on “Change…”
  4. Click on “More Settings…”, then the “Advanced” tab
  5. Click “Add…”, then enter the email address or resourceXXXX of the shared mailbox to be added
  6. Click “Apply” then “OK”, “Next”, “Finish” and “Close”
  7. The new mailbox will be listed last in the list of mailboxes and folders to the left
  8. Open the mailbox to verify functionality

To add mailboxes as a separate profile

  1. Navigate to Control Panel –> Mail –> Show Profiles
  2. Click “add”
  3. Enter desired mailbox name as the name of the new profile and click okay
  4. Change “Email address” field to desired shared mailbox email address
  5. Entering a password is not required, click “Next”
  6. The user name is “”
  7. Have the user enter their University NetID password
  8. Before closing out, be sure to check box to “Prompt for a profile to be used”