SAIT Staff Win Division Awards

Valerie and Michael with Awards
Congratulations to Padma Srimatkandada, Assistant Director, Infrastructure & Technology Solutions, on winning the Innovation Award! This recognition honors an individual or group of individuals whose innovative ideas, products, or services have created significant change for students, the Division of Student Affairs, or the University. We celebrate innovation in action, not only the creative ideas, but also the impact that practical application of the idea has made on creativity in the use of resources, which includes people, budgets, and technology.

Congratulations to Valerie Puffet-Michel and Michael Roberson, SAIT Software Development Team, on winning the 3C Award (Collaboration, Communication, Community). The guiding principles of Collaboration, Communication and Community is presented to an individual, group, department or committee in Student Affairs who best exemplify the notion of being a “team player.” These recipients work to create, support or strengthen an environment of collaboration, communication, community, encouragement and understanding across the Division. This person or group of individuals represent those who encourage the involvement of others and teamwork towards achieving common goals and objectives.

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