Manage Student Worker Email Accounts with Account Sponsorship Application

The Account Sponsorship Application enables all full-time employees to create, manage, and expire student worker email accounts

A "sponsor" vouches for an individual or individuals so that they can have an account that allows them access to University resources. These accounts include:

  • NetID affiliate accounts for those who need temporary access
  • NetIDwork accounts for student employees
  • NetIDAdmin accounts for those who need administrative access to systems

Access the Account Sponsorship Application

  • Navigate to
  • Log in with your University NetID and password
  • Click "Account Sponsorship" in the top menu
  • View a listing of sponsored accounts and tools to manage access
  • Expect to receive periodic email reminders from this system when accounts are expiring.


Get a demo of the App with Raul Potenciano, SAIT's Client Support Manager by contact us at

Visit our User Guide for More Details:

Student Worker Sponsor Accounts