New Ticket System for SAIT Help Requests

SAIT launched a new ticketing system for IT support requests on June 21, 2021.

The new system is called Jira and replaces the old system called Request Tracker (RT). Jira allows SAIT staff to manage and route incoming requests, track issue histories and communicate with requestors. This system is also used by ITS and other local IT groups on campus.

How to Submit Help Requests

SAIT’s main contact methods remain the same:

  • Emails sent to automatically generate new ticket requests in Jira.
  • Calls made to our support line (486-8992) are handled by SAIT staff who create tickets in Jira.

How to View Help Requests

View and update Jira tickets by visiting
NetID Login Required

Phasing Out Tickets in RT

Tickets for help requests made prior to June 21, 2021 will remain in RT until resolved or until 30 days pass. Any unresolved tickets remaining in RT after July 21, 2021 will be moved into Jira so that RT can be retired.

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