New VPN Service “AnyConnect” Will Replace Pulse Secure

Pulse Secure VPN is being replaced by Cisco AnyConnect. If you use the University VPN, AnyConnect offers the same functionality as Pulse but delivers an enhanced and faster experience for online conferencing and content streaming.

Pulse Secure VPN will be available until the end of January 2022. The Cisco AnyConnect installation has already been pushed out to Division of Student Affairs computers and is ready to use.

How to Get Started with AnyConnect

    1. Check to see if you have AnyConnect installed:From the Windows Start menu taskbar, type AnyConnect in the search field. If you see Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client, you have AnyConnect installed and are ready to start your first connection. Proceed to set up your first connection using the instructions below.
      If you do not see Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client, you may be a laptop user who has not received the installation. If this is you, follow these instructions to install AnyConnect. You will need to be connected to the UConn Network in person or through Pulse Secure for this step.


  1. Set up your first connection:Please reference this IT Knowledge Base article for instructions on how to set up your first connection: Cisco AnyConnect VPN.

    Note: On the initial setup screen, you may not see “UConn General VPN” listed in the drop down menu. Copy/paste this address into the form field and click Connect:


If you need assistance or have any questions, contact SAIT Client Support.
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