Author: Kyle Ciccaglione

Renew Student Accounts Online!


Starting December 2, 2016, department authorizers will be able to renew student accounts online.

SAIT will continue to send spreadsheets to departments with a listing of student accounts that will expire. Instead of marking the spreadsheet and sending it back, please go to this website and renew the accounts. Once an account is renewed, a confirmation email will be sent.

User Account Renewals

Login with:
Username: SA\<netid>
Password: Your Student Affairs domain password

The renewal period for the Spring semester begins December 02, 2016. You may begin renewing accounts on or after this date. Renewing accounts during this period will extend student accounts to May 31, 2017.


If there are any questions please contact SAIT.

MBAM Upgrade Monday, November 14

SAIT has scheduled an upgrade for Microsoft Bitlocker Administration and Monitoring (MBAM) from version 1.0 to the newest version, 2.5. This upgrade addresses compatibility issues with current workstation hardware and includes support for new operating systems, such as Windows 10. The upgrade will occur on Monday, November 14, 2016, will be unnoticeable to end users and cause no interruption of service.

What is MBAM?

MBAM is a central tool used by SAIT to provide enterprise support for management of encryption on workstations. This behind-the-scenes software allows SAIT to ensure that Student Affairs workstations are encrypted and their recovery key is backed up to our servers. This results in our end users having the ability to work with the assurance that their university data is protected.

More about Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring