Windows 10 Upgrade This Fall

SAIT will be upgrading Division of Student Affairs computers to Windows 10 this fall. The upgrade will occur over several weeks with clusters of departments scheduled for each weekly roll out period. Upgrades will begin on Friday evenings and run through the weekend. SAIT will be available for continued support during the week following each upgrade to ensure success.

SAIT is currently working with departments to schedule the roll out. The first weekend will be November 3rd.

Project Updates:

Windows 10 project information and updates:

Check this page for information regarding the changes you can expect, and how you will be impacted and when the upgrade will occur for your department.

Project Contact:

Keith Blanchard: or 486-4559

Phishing Scam Alert, Oct. 5th


This phishing email has been circulating in September and October at UConn:

We will be Shutting Down your Account due to suspicious Activity and Login from a Different IP with your Account which have made us take this decision to safeguard your Account. To avoid Shutting Down of this Account you will be Required to CLICK THIS LINK now and Submit Details as you have just 24Hrs to confirm your Account.

System Administrator.


While this message appears to come from a legitimate UConn email account and is signed by “System Administrator,” it is actually a scam. University IT, SAIT (or any reputable company) would never ask for your password or private information in an email. When you see email messages like this, be suspicious.

If you receive this message:

  1. Do not click on any links, and do not reply to provide your information.
  2. Forward the message to
  3. Delete it from your inbox.

If you clicked on the links:


For more a more in-depth discussion of how you can spot phishing scams and protect yourself, please see “Phishing attacks and how to avoid being scammed”.

Contact SAIT Support if you need any assistance: or 6-8992.

New Feature – Google Analytics in Aurora/WordPress


As part of ongoing website services, Student Affairs IT has managed a portfolio of statistics for all websites in the Division of Student Affairs. Prior to 2014, SAIT hosted all Division websites in-house and provided access to web stats using a tool called AW Stats. After websites were transitioned to the central Aurora/WordPress web content management platform, we moved web stats tracking into Google Analytics.

We have managed this portfolio for several years on behalf of the Division and provided access or reports when requested. Recently, we enabled a feature in Aurora that connects the Google Analytics data from our portfolio to individual Student Affairs websites. When logged into Aurora, a “Statistics” widget should now appear on the Dashboard:

Google Analytics in the Aurora/WordPress Dashboard

Click the blue button to “See All Stats” which will give a more in-depth view of visitor behavior, page performance, and referral sources in a 1-month, 3-month or 12-month time frame. These insights can be helpful for website managers to make decisions on how to improve their sites or to follow visitor trends over time.

If you do not see this Stats widget in your dashboard — contact Evelyn in SAIT ( to inquire about this. It is possible that we don’t have access to your web account to connect it.


SAIT Support



Please Disregard “Important Reminder Regarding University Computers”


On Thursday, June 22, an article appeared in the UConn Faculty/Staff Daily Digest titled “Important Reminder Regarding University Computers.” This article requested the following:


Contact UITS before:

  1. Reimaging a computer;
  2. Reassigning a computer to another user;
  3. Sending a computer to surplus to be destroyed or redeployed; and/or
  4. Taking any steps that may cause information on the computer to become lost or destroyed.


Please disregard this message. SAIT handles all of these functions as part of our service to computer users in the Division of Student Affairs. If you have any questions regarding this notice, please contact SAIT at 860-486-8992 or

Update on Malware Attacks and Windows Workstations


Yesterday, University Communications sent a message regarding protections against recent large-scale malware attacks. SAIT has confirmed that all Division of Student Affairs workstations are patched, and no further steps need to be taken.


Please contact SAIT Support if you have any questions or concerns.
Student Affairs Information Technology

System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) Upgrade

SAIT will be upgrading a major piece of software in the coming week — System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). SCCM is a product that SAIT uses to manage software on all desktops for Student Affairs. This upgrade is a necessary step in the IT infrastructure work in preparation for the move to Windows 10. The SCCM upgrade should be unnoticeable to end users.

This upgrade will be taking place throughout the week of May 8-12 as it propagates to all workstations in the Division of Student Affairs. All workstations will restart at least one time next week so that the upgrade can process.

Please contact SAIT Support if you have any questions or concerns.


Account Renewal Period Starts May 2


Starting May 02, 2017, department authorizers will be able to renew student accounts online for the summer session. You may begin renewing accounts on or after this date. Renewing accounts during this period will extend student accounts until September 30, 2017.

Unlike previous renewal periods, we will NOT be sending spreadsheets to each department. Department authorizers should review and renew their accounts online. A confirmation email will be sent once an account is renewed. You may also disable student accounts at this time.

Manage Account Renewals Here:

Login with:

Username: SA\<netid>
Password: Your Student Affairs domain password

If there are any questions please contact SAIT Support:

Important Change to Mass Email Service


The University provides a Mass Email Service allowing users to send a large number of emails while avoiding being blocked by spam filters. On Wednesday, January, 25th, the University implemented a change to the Mass Email service configuration. For security purposes, NetIDs will no longer be used as the access credential for the Mass Email Service. If you or your department needs to use email to communicate to large distributions, please contact SAIT so that we can provide you with the appropriate new credentials required to use the Mass Email Service.


Contact SAIT Support if you have any questions or concerns.

Adaxes New Feature – Disable Accounts


SAIT has added another feature to Adaxes, our Account Management System: Disable Accounts

Account authorizers may now disable student and staff accounts at any time. This will allow for better response time when users are no longer employed at the University. You may access the new feature by going to and selecting your department.

Under Account Management there will be two sections, Disable Staff and Disable Student. You may sort and select multiple users.


Users will be marked with the adaxes-disabledsymbol indicating they are disabled.

Users marked with the adaxes-expired symbol are expired accounts. If the user no longer works for the department you may disable them as well.


If there are any questions please contact SAIT.