Software Development Updates – March 2019

What have we done?

We worked with Off Campus Students Services to create new software in Hugo. New features include:

  • Adding file attachments to properties and incidents and preventions.
  • New feature in map to cluster properties.
  • More graphs on the dashboard.
  • Added lots of new data for prevention in bulk.
  • Some interface changes to easily report on properties with “repeat offenders”.

>> up-to-date: Development roadmap


We completed the first small request week as we announced early this year!

We have addressed 4 small requests in total for Dean of Students Office, CSD and Dining Services. The next small request week will be on April 29.

>> up-to-date: Small requests week


What is next?

We are moving on to CSD to add a one stop shopping in MyAccess for students and Notetakers to exchange “peer notes”. We will work on this in March and April. The next department will be Dining Services starting mid-May.

The rest of the wish lists are up-to-date: Customers wish lists


Software – September News


What have we delivered since the last update?

  • We have worked for the Center for Students with Disabilities in April and June to delivered features to help them for finals exams.
  • In May, we focused on Docker.
  • In July and August, we have worked for Dining Services and delivered just in time for the start of the fall semester. It included some new features in Penny and in Arthur.

What are we starting now?

  • We are now starting on Dean of Students Office with some anticipated new features to help with reporting in Olivia and George (Voluntary Separation Notice).
  • We will finish our Docker initiative and with some fully automated deployments. We are very excited about this! What does it mean for you? We will be able to give you new features very quickly and more often!
Who will be next?
  • Off campus Students Services: December 2018
  • Center for Students with Disabilities: February 2019


Software and Web – March News


New portfolio process:

  • We are now using the new portfolio process that we presented to you at the last SAITOC meeting. We started meeting with the Center for Students with Disabilities and Dining Services first. We will meet with Dean of Students office late April – early May. Off Campus Students Services will follow.
  • We just completed the software for Off Campus Students Services (Hugo) with a last release and a demo on March 29.
  • Next week, we will start on CSD since they would like some features to help them with Exams administration before finals come around end of April.
  • Dining will be right after CSD.

Aurora re-theme: Hale & Prudence. – tip: Ask Evelyn!

  • Evelyn is here to help when switching themes on your website. Switching themes might sound simple, but remember that Aurora websites are in production. Which means that all changes are happening in a live environment. If you don’t get it right on the first try, your pages may not look the way you expect them to and it may take some work to get them back to where you want them. You can minimize the downtime by working with Evelyn. She knows how to handle these issues swiftly!

New service!

  • Ryan is learning to create forms in Office365 to simplify office workflows like purchase requests, time off requests. Keep this in mind or ask for a demo.