Domain Migration Project

About This Project

SAIT is moving select technology infrastructure services from the SA.UCONN.EDU domain to the UCONN.EDU central domain. The objects and systems to be migrated will include: workstation log-ins, network printer addresses, file drive mappings and department applications.

This work meets a need to reduce SAIT staff resources on duplicate efforts while aligning with a University-wide initiative to bring technology systems into a singularly protected and secure domain. The time is right -- central services are now available at a scale that can support the Division's robust technology infrastructure needs.

When is it Happening?

This is a multi-month, multi-phase project starting in December 2019 and running through summer 2020. Each phase of the project will have some minor impacts and/or changes to the technology used by Student Affairs employees.

Check this page for updates, read our FAQ and contact us if you need assistance. We'll will communicate all details and timelines on this website and via direct emails to department staff.


Before the Workstation Migration

Here's a checklist of things you need to do before the migration:

  1. Log Off Your Computer and/or Dock Your Laptop
    Remember to log off, but do not shut down, prior to your scheduled migration date (see below). The migration process will run overnight. All computers and laptops need to be connected to the UConn network during this process.
  2. Know Your Password
    After the migration, you will use your university NetID to log in to your computer. This is the same username and password used for systems such as CoreCT, Aurora, Office365 and other university systems.

    If you are not sure of this password, contact SAIT for a password reset prior to the migration.


After the Migration

  1. Success!
    If you can log into your computer using your NetID and password, then you have successfully been migrated! You're all set. We'll follow up soon with next steps for our Phase 2 February migration.
  2. Can't Log In
    If you cannot log into your computer with your NetID and password, your computer may not have been migrated. Contact SAIT for help today.
  3. Missed Migration
    If a computer missed the migration because it was not connected to the network during the migration window, SAIT will reach out for assistance once that computer is detected via network scan.


Workstation Management Migration (Nov 19 - Dec 19)

Describe the change to workstation management here. Logging into your computer or laptop will now happen with your NetID and password. The Student Affairs domain login will no longer be needed.

File Services Migration (Feb 20 - Mar 20)

Describe the change to file services here. Drive mappings will change - talk about that here…

Systems Migration (May 20 - Jun 20)

Describe the change to systems here. The final phase of the migration will include…

Project Resources

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