File Storage in Student Affairs

“My Documents” Drives and Backups

Your account and files can be accessed by logging into any Division of Student Affairs computer. Several locations or “drives” exist for you to save files in order to do work or collaborate with others. These drives are backed up on a regular basis and securely managed by SAIT.

When you log into a Student Affairs computer, the following files will be available no matter what machine you are on:

  • Email files (These are saved on the email server by the University)
  • “My Documents” folder (which points to the Q: drive)
  • Your Desktop shortcuts and files
  • Your Internet Explorer favorites

Here are the drives that you will see and their purposes:


The Installed Packages L:\ drive is available for software to work correctly for departmental applications. It is not for employee use.


The Other Department N:\ drive letter is used to give employees access to multiple department R:\ or S:\ drives. The most common use of this is when Graduate Assistants work in one department and do a practicum in another department. If a GA works in Residential Life and is doing a practicum in the Dean of Students; their R:\ drive would be for Residential Life and they would use the N:\ drive to access Dean of Students folders.


The Interdepartment O:\ drive is used to share files for long-standing projects where employees from different departments need to share files with each other on a regular basis. An example includes the Judicial program between Residential Life and the Dean of Students. These folders are created as requested. This drive is only available if the user has access to at least one folder on the drive.


The Division of Student Affairs P:\ drive allows you to share files with other people in the Division of Student Affairs. Each department in the division has directory on the P:\ drive that department workers can write to. Everyone in the Division is allowed to read and make copies of any file in any directory on the P:\ Drive but not make changes.


The Documents Q:\ drive points to the My Documents folder and is the employee’s personal home folder. It is not shared, and others cannot view the contents.


This is the department drive. Only members of the department can access any files located on the R:\ drive. The contents and structure of this drive will vary from department to department and will reflect your department’s business practices.

  • Every R:\ drive includes at least the following 3 folders: Staff, Students and Public which all are full readable and changeable by anyone in the department. Any other folder in the R:\ is created and permissioned on request.
  • The Staff and Students folders will include NetID folders for each person working in the department. This is where that person can share files to everyone else in the department but still know who originally worked on or owns the files by keeping it in their public folder.
  • The Public folder is a location for anyone in the department to make any public folders or files as needed.


This drive is used for large departments when they need to subdivide the department into different units. The S:\ Drive would provide access to the entire department and the R:\ for each user would provide access to the unit of the department they work for.