Software Development Updates – July 2019

New for Notetaking at UCONN!

Early June, Notetakers, Students and the Center for Students with Disabilities started using the new notetaking software to exchange notes under the vigilant eye of the CSD staff!

>> Have a look for below for a sneak peak!

Small request week – June 3.

We have addressed 5 small requests in total for Dean of Students Office, CSD, Off Campus Students services and Dining Services.

The next small request week will be on August 12.

What are we working on now?

We are working with Dining Services to bring their Arthur (discipline/evaluation software) up to date with new unions rules related to CT sick time. Another goal is also to ease the work load of managers when they have to scan/upload evaluations.

We will be working with Dining Services until August 12.

Who is next?

Dean of Students Office will be next from August 26 until October 21.

Sneak peak of Notetaking

The old software:

screenshot of old notetaking software home page

screenshot of old notetaking software - a class list

New software: MyAccess for Notetakers

New software: Peer notes for Students



SAIT Staff Win Division Awards

Valerie and Michael with Awards
Congratulations to Padma Srimatkandada, Assistant Director, Infrastructure & Technology Solutions, on winning the Innovation Award! This recognition honors an individual or group of individuals whose innovative ideas, products, or services have created significant change for students, the Division of Student Affairs, or the University. We celebrate innovation in action, not only the creative ideas, but also the impact that practical application of the idea has made on creativity in the use of resources, which includes people, budgets, and technology.

Congratulations to Valerie Puffet-Michel and Michael Roberson, SAIT Software Development Team, on winning the 3C Award (Collaboration, Communication, Community). The guiding principles of Collaboration, Communication and Community is presented to an individual, group, department or committee in Student Affairs who best exemplify the notion of being a “team player.” These recipients work to create, support or strengthen an environment of collaboration, communication, community, encouragement and understanding across the Division. This person or group of individuals represent those who encourage the involvement of others and teamwork towards achieving common goals and objectives.

Software Development Updates – March 2019

What have we done?

We worked with Off Campus Students Services to create new software in Hugo. New features include:

  • Adding file attachments to properties and incidents and preventions.
  • New feature in map to cluster properties.
  • More graphs on the dashboard.
  • Added lots of new data for prevention in bulk.
  • Some interface changes to easily report on properties with “repeat offenders”.

>> up-to-date: Development roadmap


We completed the first small request week as we announced early this year!

We have addressed 4 small requests in total for Dean of Students Office, CSD and Dining Services. The next small request week will be on April 29.

>> up-to-date: Small requests week


What is next?

We are moving on to CSD to add a one stop shopping in MyAccess for students and Notetakers to exchange “peer notes”. We will work on this in March and April. The next department will be Dining Services starting mid-May.

The rest of the wish lists are up-to-date: Customers wish lists


Introducing “Small Request Weeks” for Custom Software

Happy New Year!

We heard you. We’re going to introduce a change to our software development process. Some of you have small/quick upgrade requests or there’s a time-sensitive change that cannot wait until your allocated project time. In between our typical two-month long software projects, we will set aside one week, to work on small requests between regular projects. This is a first come, first served window that you will need to sign up for in advance.

The first “Small Requests Week” will begin on February 18, 2019.

Visit our redesigned web page for details on how this works, how to sign up and more:

Software Development & Engagement Services

You will find a few things like:

  • Software development roadmap: What we are working on and when your turn will be next.
  • Small expedited software requests: Every 8 weeks, we pause from big software projects and work on small fixes and updates. View our calendar of “Small Request Weeks” and find out how to get your request on the list – first come, first served!
  • Wishlists: View your wishlist and view other wishlists

Now Hiring – Senior Software Developer

Student Affairs Information Technology is seeking an experienced Software Developer (Senior Computer Programmer/Analyst, UCP 9). This is an opportunity to build new business software products for UConn students, staff and faculty. You will work with a small, dedicated team of software developers to deliver quality code early and often. Agile and DevOps are at the heart of what we do.


  • Minimum of five years’ experience writing software, and a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field or equivalent work experience
  • Ability to provide technical leadership and lead others
  • Proficient in Python and front-end web libraries like Bootstrap, jQuery, Knockout.js
  • Comfortable with OO design, MVC web framework, template-based layouts, relational databases and using RESTful or SOAP
  • Comfortable using Linux, GIT / BitBucket and writing automated tests
  • Comfortable working in a CI/CD environment with Jenkins and Docker
  • Familiarity with Agile development methodologies

See full job description and apply here: 

Job Opening – Senior Software Developer

Turn on Two-Factor Authentication

duo-security logoTwo-factor authentication (2FA), powered by Duo Security, is now available for UConn faculty, staff, special payroll, and student employees. 2FA enhances data security by requiring two forms of identification to gain access to an online resource. You may already be using this technology with your bank, email or other personal accounts.

Some Student Affairs systems have already required the use of Duo and many employees are using it. In the coming months, however, 2FA will be required for all UConn employees to access Core-CT and other central university systems. To minimize interruptions with important tasks, such as Timesheets and Timesheet approvals, we recommend signing up for 2FA as soon as possible. SAIT has a goal to help all Student Affairs employees enroll by Thanksgiving Break 2018. We’ll be sending instructions, messages, reminders and even make office visits in order to meet this goal. Let’s get signed up!

Sign Up Goal: November 21, 2018
SAIT wants to help YOU sign up for 2FA by Thanksgiving. It takes about five minutes!

You can do this on your own, or we can help.
Call 486-8992 or email for assistance.

How to Sign Up

  1. Get prepared. You will have to add a device to use with the 2FA service, and you should have the selected device with you before you start the process. Device options: mobile phone, tablet, or landline (See “Which Device Should I Use” below)
    1. Install the Duo Mobile app on your smart phone if you are setting up Duo Push
  2. Login to the 2FA Management Portal at
  3. Add one or more devices to your account by clicking “Manage Devices.” Once you have completed the process, return to the 2FA portal home page.
  4. Click “Manage Services” to select the services you wish to protect. You will be prompted by Duo Security to authenticate on your 2FA device before you can access the Manage Services page. Once on the page, you can choose to turn on 2FA for just Core-CT or for all services that you login to with your NetID credentials.

Which Device Should I Use?

Below are the authentication methods available for your second factor.

sample screen DUO pushDuo Mobile app, Duo Push (recommended)
Receive a push notification on your device. Tap Approve to authenticate. Internet or cellular access is required to use this method.
Available for smartphones and tablets

Duo Mobile app, passcode
Go into your Duo Mobile app and tap on the account you are trying to access to get your code. Enter the code into the Duo authentication prompt. The app runs on your device so you do not need cellular or internet access to authenticate.
Available for smartphones and tablets

SMS text message
A text message with a seven-digit passcode is sent to your mobile phone.
Available for mobile phones

Phone call
Receive an automated phone call. Press any key to authenticate.
Available for smartphones, mobile phones, and landlines


How 2FA Works

On a system that requires 2FA, you first login with your NetID credentials and then verify your identity with a physical device linked to your NetID account. This additional layer of protection prevents anyone but you from accessing your accounts, even if they have obtained your username and password. This extra layer of security for online accounts at UConn ensures that student, faculty and staff data are protected from theft by password compromise.

More Information

Learn more about 2FA technology on UConn’s Identity and Access Management website:

Contact Student Affairs IT