Setting Microsoft Edge Startup Homepages

You can set Microsoft Edge to open different web pages upon startup. Open Microsoft Edge Click the three “…” in the top right, go to Settings Click on “OnStartup” Select “Open a specific page or pages” Click “Add a new Page” Enter the webpage you would like to show at startup. Example: Close and […]

Changes to FileLocker Service

ITS is moving FileLocker off of an end-of-life server and onto a new one. This change will affect shared links and access to older files saved on the system. Details about the transition experience: Any new links generated will have a variation of the URL… Anyone who receives this link will have access to […]

Chat With Website Visitors Using is a free messaging app to monitor and chat with the visitors on your website. This service integrates with UConn Aurora  websites. Once enabled, Tawk uses an icon in the lower right of the designated web page to alert visitors that your website has a live chat option. Get for your Website Email […]