Student Organizations can access their Quickbooks Company file by using our Remote Apps service. Each file is permissioned individually and students should contact the Student Activities Trustee Student Organization Support. Students should login with their UConn NetID Account.

Student Trustee Org Support

To Login to Quickbooks you must obtain a separate username and password from the Student Trustee Student Organization Support staff.


Steps to connect to a Quickbooks Company File:


  1. Go to remoteapps.sa.uconn.edu
  2. Login using your UConn NetID Account in this format: UConn\NetID
  3. After Logging in you will be presented with the Company Files that are available to you.
  4. Click on the Company and launch the downloaded file.
  5. A login prompt will appear for the remote connection to complete –¬†Use the same credentials as before. UConn\NetID
  6. Quickbooks will launch and the Company File login screen will appear.
  7. This username and password needs to be set up by a Student Trustee Student Organization Support staff and is separate to your NetID.


These instructions are available here with snapshots: Quickbooks Instructions