Standard Workstations

Student Affairs supports specific models of equipment and software including the desktop environment. The standard desktop configuration includes a desktop, monitor, keyboard and mouse. All other accessories or additions are considered non-standard.

All desktop computers are Microsoft Windows 10 on Dell computers and include the same set of base software (called an “Image”) for every department in the Division of Student Affairs. As a result of this standard, anyone in Student Affairs can log into any computer throughout the Division with the same “Image” and access their files.

This setup allows Student Affairs employees who have meetings at other Student Affairs department to borrow a computer to do some work or print as needed. Additionally, if their own computer breaks they can log into any other nearby computer and continue working. This configuration decreases the number of times a broken computer is an urgent issue while allowing SAIT staff to take the time to appropriately and accurately prepare a replacement computer.


Service Available To: Division of Student Affairs
Contact for Service: SAIT Support
More Information: List of Software on Desktop Computer Image
Service Manager: Raul Potenciano

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