Equipment Purchasing

The Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs requires technology purchases (hardware, software, accessories, contracts for IT services for third party enterprise applications, etc.) go through SAIT for all departments in the Division of Student Affairs. This allows for SAIT and the Vice President’s office to track IT purchases and identify trends to allow for appropriate budgeting and project planning in addition to ensuring support for these products.

For hardware or accessories this includes but may not be limited to any equipment that has the ability to connect to a computer, includes data storage and/or the network (wired and wireless). We have a standard list of products that we purchase which allows for us to give reliable and
consistent support to our users.

Departments should contact SAIT prior to investigating software/hardware purchases so that we can help identify a solution that can be supported.


Service Contact: SAIT Support
Service Manager: Padma Srimatkandada

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