Office 365 Upgrade

SAIT is upgrading Microsoft Office for Student Affairs computers starting on Wednesday, June 16, 2021

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On-Campus Computers and Remote Workers who Access Campus Computers

The upgrade will be deployed to on-campus desktop machines starting at 1:00am on Wednesday, June 16. 

  • UN-SAVED documents will be lost. Please SAVE and CLOSE apps prior to 1:00AM on 6/16.
  • Leave computers on for the update. You can log off, but do not shut down completely.

Laptop Users

Workers who use SAIT-issued laptops will need to self-install the update between June 16 - 25.
When ready, follow these instructions to install Office 365:

Office 365 Installation Instructions - Laptop

  • The installation process should take about 30 minutes
  • Remain connected to the VPN throughout the installation, or risk upgrade failure.
  • UN-SAVED documents will be lost. Please SAVE and CLOSE apps prior performing the install.
  • Perform the installation any time that suits your schedule from June 16 - 25.
  • SAIT will follow up after June 25 with laptop users who have not run the install to ensure all computers have upgraded.

After the Upgrade

If you are experiencing any issues after the upgrade, please check our FAQ below and try a reboot before contacting SAIT. If you don't see your issue listed on this page AND you have performed a computer restart and still have an issue, contact our Help Desk to submit a ticket.


Q: Where did the “Search bar” go in Outlook?

A: The inbox search tool has changed position in Outlook 365. See diagram:


Outlook 2016


Outlook 365

Q: Why is Office 365 is asking me to sign in?

First, try re-starting your machine. If this does not work, then follow these steps:


The first Office application you open may ask you to sign in:

Sign in with your UConn email and password:

Check the box to "Allow my organization to manage my device" and click OK:

You may need to reboot one more time after this process.

Q: I can’t use Preview Pane to view Outlook .msg files

A: Preview pane is incompatible with the new version of Outlook. Try this to open and view the file:

  1. Open Windows File Explorer.
  2. On the View tab, select the Preview pane to disable it.
  3. To view the .msg file, double-click it to open it in Outlook.

Q: I no longer have Visio

A: Microsoft Visio 2016 will be removed as part of this upgrade. SAIT will contact individuals to reinstall Visio after this the Office 365 upgrade is complete.

Q: I have issues with an Access Database

A: SAIT doesn't anticipate issues with Access as a result of this upgrade. However, if you are experiencing a problem, please contact our Help Desk to open a ticket. Email us at

Q: My tiles for Office are missing from the start menu

A: If your tiles for Office are missing from the start menu as a result of the upgrade, please try rebooting your machine in order for them to update to Office 365.

Q: I connected Outlook, but my emails are not showing in my inbox.

A: It may take several minutes for email messages to fully populate in your inbox as Outlook 365 gets started. The duration of time will depend on the size of the inbox. For large inboxes it could take as long as an hour for emails to come in.

Q: Where did my Taskbar Shortcuts go?

A: The software upgrade reset the Taskbar, so you will have to re-pin items to that location. Follow these steps to pin items to the Taskbar:

  1. Click the Start button
  2. Click All Programs
  3. Right click the program you wish to pin
  4. Select "Pin to Taskbar"
  5. Drag items in the Taskbar in the order that you wish to see them


Q: I have a shortcut on my desktop but it doesn’t work anymore.

A: Shortcuts that remain on the desktop after the upgrade point to the old version of Office which has been removed. You can delete the old shortcuts and replace them with new shortcuts that point to the new version, following these instructions:

  1. Click the Start button
  2. Click All Programs
  3. Right click the program you wish to make a desktop shortcut
  4. Select "Send To"
  5. Select "Desktop (create shortcut)"
  6. Check the Desktop to see the new shortcut