PyraMED is a medical system used by Student Health Services at the University of Connecticut. Other departments using this software can request access by contacting Student Health Services. Access to PyraMED for on-call Student Health Services staff and non-Student Affairs users is accessed via the Remote Desktop Services (RDS) link and account information below.

Apple Computers:

Prerequisite for using the website above. Please install the Microsoft Remote Desktop app. You do not need to do anything after you install it.  The website will use this application in the background.

  • This application requires OSX version 10.9 or later
  • Download from: iTunes

Using Insurance Card Scanning:

In order to use the insurance card scanning feature with PyraMED in RDS you must have your IT department configure the TSScan software on your computer with the following instructions. Download TSScan here.

Note: SAIT does not provide support for installation or training for non-Student Affairs users. Please contact your IT administrator.

  1. Run TSScan_client.exe as an administrator
  2. On the setup page click Next
  3. Accept License Agreement and then click Next
  4. On the Information page Next
  5. On the Select Start Menu Folder, leave the default information and click Next
  6. On the Ready to Install Screen Click Install
  7. The installation will complete and display “TSScan Client was successfully installed” Click Next
  8. On the final screen click Finish
  9. The installation is now complete.