Domain Account and NetID

Student Affairs staff members have two primary accounts that allow access to computing services: the University NetID and the Student Affairs Domain Account.


What is a domain?

A domain is a way to network or connect users, printers and computers to servers called domain controllers. The domain controllers are then able to ensure that all these objects have the same settings and configurations such as file drive locations, printer settings, security settings, account password complexity policies, updates and more.  The domain ensures that all the computers in the domain look the same and can be managed all as one system.  The domain managed by SAIT is called the Student Affairs domain (SA domain).


Service Available To: Division of Student Affairs
Contact for Service: SAIT Support
Service Manager: Padma Srimatkandada
More Information: Change Your NetID Password

Forgot Your NetID Password?


Here are some common systems and when you can expect to use your NetID vs your SA Domain account to log in.

SA Domain Account
Log in to your workstation Email & Calendar
 RDS (Remote Desktop Services) Applications Office 365 Services
Skype for Business
Aurora Web Content Management

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