University Email (Exchange)

The University provides a central email service using Microsoft Exchange. Use Microsoft Outlook to access your primary email account in the desktop environment. In addition to sending and receiving email, this service provides the following capabilities:

  • Accessibility via client or web interface
  • Schedule meetings
  • Create and manage tasks
  • Create, store, and access contacts
  • Create distribution lists
  • Synchronize information with mobile devices

UConn Email on Mobile Devices

UConn Email Online

  • Access the UConn email web interface at Office365 online:
  • After logging in, you can set your Office 365 home page to be your email inbox:
    • Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner
    • Click Settings –> Office 365 Settings –> Start page
    • Then select your desired start page
  • Please note that OneDrive (cloud file storage) will appear on the Office 365 menu. While this is a convenient method of file storage, it is not managed by SAIT. If files uploaded to this system are lost, we do not have the ability to backup or recover them. Users will have the ability to recover files themselves for up to 30 days.