Secure e-Fax Service

This is a temporary service enabled for Student Affairs departments during the COVID-19 campus shut down.

Contact SAIT to have this service set up for your department.

eGoldFax: cloud faxing allows departments to re-route incoming faxes from the MFD on campus to a secure folder on a department drive.

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Incoming Faxes

  • Incoming faxes will be automatically routed to a folder on the department R:\ drive
  • This process takes about 5-10 minutes to complete

Outgoing Faxes

  • Outgoing faxes with no private or confidential data can be sent to <fax number> (for example
  • When staff return to the office, the outgoing fax functionality on your MFD will continue to work as normal
  • Do not SEND faxes with private or confidential data. If staff members need to send files with private or confidential data, contact SAIT for assistance with using the secure Filelocker service at