Work Remotely

Computer Connections

Authorization Required
First-time staff users need to contact SAIT to be granted access. Please provide your NetID and your computer's "SA Tag" when you contact us. The SA tag is on a small white sticker on your computer.

Connect a Windows computer to your campus computer

Connect an Apple computer to your campus computer

Connect a personal Windows computer to the UConn network

Connect a UConn-owned Windows computer to the UConn network

Virtual Meetings and Collaboration

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration tool for chatting with coworkers, conducting video calls with screen sharing, organizing and editing documents and much more. The Teams desktop application is installed on all Student Affairs computers; it can also be accessed from a web browser or a mobile app. Click to learn more about using Microsoft Teams:
Microsoft Teams User Guide

UConn WebEx is available to anyone with a NetID. Use this service to host and attend online meetings with people inside and outside UConn. Faculty and staff can use WebEx to have virtual meetings, host office hours, provide one-on-one or group tutorials, participate in committee work and facilitate interviews. Click to learn more about using WebEx:
UConn WebEx User Guide

Set Up

Follow these three steps prior to connecting. Please note: Make sure the computer you'll be connecting to has been left ON and hasn't been shut down.

SAIT Support Start Menu Option

STEP ONE: Click on the Windows Logo on the bottom left corner of your screen, then click the SAIT Support tile.

SAIT Support Screen

STEP TWO: Click Run Utility. This will launch a new email message in Outlook.

Auto Generated Email Screen

STEP THREE: Type your UConn email address in the To: field, then click send.

Connection Options

After the initial setup, determine which type of computer you are connecting from and view the instructions to complete your connection.

Connecting from a Windows Machine

Connecting from a Macintosh Computer

Connecting with SAIT-Issued Laptop