Manual Connection Directions for Working From Home

Note: You will need your Student Affairs computer name in order to use these instructions.

If you do not know your computer name, please contact the SAIT help desk at 860-486-8992.

Manually Configure a Windows Computer to Connect to Your Campus Computer

Manually Configure an Apple Computer to Connect to Your Campus Computer


For Windows Users:

  1. Click Start --> All Programs --> Accessories --> Remote Desktop Connection --> Click Show Options --> Select the Advanced tab
  2. Under the Connect from anywhere section click Settings
  3. Select the Use these RD Gateway server settings radio button
  4. Under Server name enter:
  5. Verify that the checkbox Bypass RD Gateway server for local addresses is checked
  6. Under the Logon settings section check the checkbox: Use my RD Gateway credentials for the remote computer
  7. Click ok and go back to the General tab
  8. Under Computer enter the IP address of the computer you would like to remote into
  9. For Username enter sa\NetID
  10. Click connect and you will be connected to the remote machine

For Mac Users:

  1. Download and install the Microsoft Remote Desktop (MRD) app from the Apple iTunes store
  2. Open MRD and click new
  3. For Connection Name use: Work Computer
  4. For PC Name enter the IP address of your work PC
  5. At Gateway dropdown click Add Gateway
  6. Click the + symbol to expand menu
  7. For the Gateway name use: Student Affairs
  8. Under Server type:
  9. For Username use sa\NetID
  10. Under Password enter your SA domain password
  11. Exit the window which will save the settings. At the window still open you will see your gateway name displayed. Close this window.
  12. Click the Connection button and click start
  13. If a “Verify Certificate” message appears click Continue
  14. You will now be connected to the remote machine