Work From Home Setup

Student Affairs staff members can remotely access their campus computer using Remote Desktop Gateway or the University VPN. See instructions below.


To connect remotely, you will need a dedicated computer on campus that is not used by another employee at the time you are remotely accessing it. Your remote access will be disconnected if another employee uses the computer at the same time. If another employee uses your campus computer, contact SAIT Support to have the machine logged off so that you can access it.

Authorization Required!This service requires department authorization. Part-Time Staff and Non-Professional Staff must get approval from the department authorizer.Installation Required!
Once department approval is obtained, Contact SAIT to set up remote access. Please have your IP address handy. Your IP address can be found by going to Start Menu -> All Programs -> My IP.

Option 1: Using Remote Desktop Gateway

Connect with a Windows Computer:

  1. Click Start –> All Programs –> Accessories –> Remote Desktop Connection –> Click Show Options –> Select the Advanced tab
  2. Under the Connect from anywhere section click Settings
  3. Select the Use these RD Gateway server settings radio button
  4. Under Server name enter:
  5. Verify that the checkbox Bypass RD Gateway server for local addresses is checked
  6. Under the Logon settings section check the checkbox: Use my RD Gateway credentials for the remote computer
  7. Click ok and go back to the General tab
  8. Under Computer enter the IP address of the computer you would like to remote into
  9. For User name enter sa\NetID
  10. Click connect and you will be connected to the remote machine

Connect with an Apple Computer:

  1. Download and install the Microsoft Remote Desktop (MRD) app from the apple Itunes store
  2. Open MRD and click new
  3. For Connection Name use: Work Computer
  4. For PC Name enter the IP address of your work PC
  5. At Gateway dropdown click Add Gateway
  6. Click the + symbol to expand menu
  7. For the Gateway name use: Student Affairs
  8. Under Server type:
  9. For Username use sa\NetID
  10. Under password enter your SA domain password
  11. Exit the window which will save the settings. At the window still open you will see your gateway name displayed. Close this window.
  12. Click the Connection button and click start
  13. If a “Verify Certificate” message appears click Continue
  14. You will now be connected to the remote machine

Option 2: Using VPN

  1. Open a browser window and type “” into the Address Bar.
  2. Log into the site with your netID and password.
  3. Click the computer icon on the Terminal Sessions bar.
  4. Enter the Name you’d like to assign to your computer, i.e. “Work Computer”, in the “Bookmark Name” box.
  5. Add a description in the Description box if you will be adding multiple computers.
  6. Enter your IP address in the “Host” box.
  7. Enter your log-in credentials in their corresponding boxes under “Authentication”.
    »If you are using non-campus internet, append “sa\” to the front of your netid, e.g. “sa\abc01234”
  8. Double-check the information you entered and click “Add” to complete the process.
  9. You will be directed to the main VPN page. Your new Terminal Session will appear under “Terminal Sessions”.
  10. Click your new Terminal Session to launch it. Accept any prompts that appear to begin your remote session.